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Your door opener to artificial intelligence and more efficiency

We develop AI solutions for companies that want to use their knowledge and transform it into powerful tools of the future.

In the world of AI

Artificial intelligence opens doors. Explore how your company's expertise can be transformed into breakthrough solutions.

The experience surrounding the application of artificial intelligence gives us the unique ability to transform the treasure of every company into a resource of the future. Your knowledge becomes a chatbot, a co-pilot for your customers and employees, a secure information machine or your company's own GPT. - we make it possible.

Immerse yourself in the world of solutions from headwAI

Knowledge is your treasure!
The user benefit is what drives us!
AI is our tool!
Our solutions create with the application ofn AI based on knowledge provides more benefits for users.

The AI chat for your website and employees – created in 5 minutes. Multilingual and customizable.

The secure AI solution where your knowledge is fully accessible but the data never leaves your company

Der perfekte Assistent für Ihre Mitarbeiter:innen, der jede Information aktuell verfügbar hat.

Reach a global audience without language barriers with AI-based translation

The support assistant that never sleeps, speaks all languages and makes your customers happier.

Take the first step towards a more efficient future – it is the most important one

The right AI team makes the difference


We have developed AI

The basis of our AI solutions is in-depth experience in the development of proprietary GPT models. This expertise allows us to exploit the full potential of generative models and create tailor-made solutions for your organization. We rely on proven methodologies and innovative thinking to bring you advanced AI technology that delivers real results.


Wir entwickeln Lösungen mit KI

At headwAI, the focus is on your benefit and rapid implementation. Our approach guarantees strong implementation skills that offer you an optimal cost-benefit ratio. We are committed to ensuring that you invest not just in a solution, but in measurable value that simplifies your processes and maximizes your effectiveness.


We turn our amazement into laughter

To be there today where others still dream. We design solutions that exceed your imagination – and turn the impossible into reality.

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